Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Rest of Christmas Break...

Here's what we've done in a gist... I think it is probably kind of boring to read, but I have nothing else to do at the moment:

On my birthday (the 23rd) a tornado came to Longview but we were fine on the North side of town... just lots and lots of rain and ickyness. Christmas Eve we went to grandmother's for breakfast... then church at night. There was a toddler crying the whole time and Liz and I were annoyed that the mother would not bring her out. If Laney does that, she will be scooted out of there. :) Christmas morning we got our stockings (Jess and I don't get Santa anymore, but we do get a stocking with little things) then later we had chicken spaghetti for lunch. Then we opened presents later in the day. We got a video camera so we can video our little girl. Yipee! We got other stuff too but I won't bore you with that. [In the middle of all this we did 3 puzzles.]

The day after Christmas I don't remember what we did... oops. Oh wait, I think we went to eat with the Mackey side of the family at Papacita's at night. We used to have "Mackey Christmas" every year when I was little (and before I was born) and I remember playing Murder in the Dark with cousins.

On the 27th we headed back to Frisco and Johnna, Ryan and Hayden stopped by on their way from Coleman to Longview so we got to visit with them for a little while. :) Hayden always impresses me with all the signs he knows! I wish I knew ASL.

So Monday the 28th I sat around in my PJs and did laundry and stuff all day... it is still not finished. The 29th I had a doctor's appointment in the a.m. and then went to school for a moment to make sure I'm ready to go on Monday. I did not stay long because it was freezing. Then I went and got my hair done with Michaela that afternoon when it began to precipitate a wintry mix of snow/rain. LOVELY. It did turn to snow by the time I got home and it was pretty while it lasted. The following morning on the 30th Jess and I probably slept a little later since he took the day off. We went to get a 4D sonogram and Laney was curled up in a ball so we couldn't see her as well as we'd liked but the sweet sonographer said that if she moves before 35 weeks we can come back for more pictures- hooray! That night Ann & Ryan flew in even though we did not get home until like 1 a.m. with their delay. Then Thursday we came back to Longview and we went to Carlito's- yum! We are still here now and are heading back to reality later today. We will have only spent like 4 days in Frisco my entire 2 weeks off! It's been good to see family though but it is always weird after Christmas when you're used to seeing them all the time and then you don't anymore.... It kind of freaks me out that I won't see Ann again until after I have a baby! Oh my goodness- how will that go???? Last night that made me nervous that I might die in childbirth and never see her again but then I thought about how I know no one who has died in childbirth. Whew- hopefully I'll be ok. :) I forgot to mention that yesterday we went up to church to hear Mama's "Organ Concert." She has been taking organ lessons for a few months so we all went to listen to her. Then Jess, Ryan, Ann, and Elizabeth shot some hoops in the gym while I watched. We are just such an athletic family- sike. I did take some action shots I'll probably put on facebook at some point.

I am excited about seeing my students again and my coworkers although not so excited about waking up early again on Monday. If only I could drink a gallon of coffee- but alas, I am pregnant and that would not be so smart.

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